Last 15 years from 1998 Andrey played Psychedelic trance in Ukraine and organized many parties and festivals in Ukraine. Shiva Om project was created in early 2005 by Averin Andrey (known as Dj Okujah – organizer of many parties in Ukraine, as well as the International Festival Misterika). The project creates music in such styles: forest psychedelic, goa, and chill out tunes.

Shivaૐ is the music which makes you keep silent when listening to it and begin to move like the indians do during their rituals producing the eternity fire from their atman. Your hearts starts beating faster because you are in the center of the nature sacred ritual where invisible strings of grace become tangible for everyone in whose essence the magical sounds of tambourines broke through.

Frog Prog sound is like nature chants, where the experience of the past intertwines by its floral shoots with premonitions of the future where the common co-energy of space and time lives. If there is a connection between the colors, musical notes, objects in the solar system and the days of the week, we tried to penetrate into the very essence of colors, tones and vivid paint changes in the mood of each sound of our music. Frog Prog Project is an experiment where minimalist progressive turns into absolutely all colors of the spectrum. And we invite everyone to have a walk through this tribal swamp.

  • NameAndrey Averin
  • CountryUkraine
  • FormatLive