MeloDruid is the 2nd project of Jahgali aka António Carlos Silva, born in Porto in 1991 and passionate about music since the first time he heard ...
He felt the need to create a second project, due to his diverse musical taste, and the good trip that has been the Jahgali project.

In this project I will explore the more chill side of the psychadelic movement, betting on the influences of dub, ethnic and downtempo, but not leaving out the characteristic ambient.

The name it means (melody + druid) arose obviously from the taste for melody, and its role in this world, as well as its powers. Now the druid comes from an eternal passion of mine for the Celtic culture and mythology, which I found to fit perfectly with this project.

The Druids formed a powerful class within Celtic society. Among the various functions of the druids in society, the principal ones were as intellectuals and counselors. Considered by many as wizards, the philosophy of the Druids was founded on the principles of love and wisdom.

They loved nature and were always in search of balance with herself and other beings. In addition, they cultivated music and poetry. Even today it is possible to become a druid.

Druidism came to be regarded as a philosophy of life.

  • NameCarlos Teixeira
  • CountryPortugal
  • FormatDJ Set