Kurandini is the Goa Trance project of Yuri Rodrigues, a young Portuguese artist from Sintra. His point of entry into the constellation of Psychedelic Trance started around 2004 with Dark Psy and Yuri kept being inspired by this subgenre of Trance till 2010.

This is the year that marks the comeback of Goa Trance into the scene in full force with the Goadelic Freaks Movement and Yuri had never found a dance-floor vibe and melodies like this in the dark scene. His first Goa festival was the O.S.G. 2010 and he got wrapped in these spiritual hights ever since.
But Yuri had come from deep influences, and that was not going to subside entirely, it would only be lifted into the high spirited Goa Trance while still keeping the profound roots of Dark Psy. This is where the name Kurandini comes from, a mix between ‘kurandero’ and ‘kundalini’.
Kurandini’s music has deep atmospheres, followed by rhythmic leads full of energy. The black becomes colourful through melody and the light takes the key role with rays of mystic melancholy into a big spiritual vibe. It’s a deep journey with great soundscapes and lots of strength for body and mind.
As main references Yuri points out a few projects that range from classic GoaTrance , new GoaTrance, Dark Forest and Twilight . His inspiration comes from artists such as Mystica, Miranda, Phreaky, KoxBox, Parasense, Hux FLux, Logic Bomb, Ra, X-Dream, E-Mantra Atriohm, Suria, Ajja, LABm Para Halu, Penta,Aphid moon and others….
Kurandini had his first release in the compilation ‘Color of Goa’ with ‘Kalindian’ getting good traction among fans. He is now in the studio working in his debut album.

  • NameYuri Rodrigues
  • CountryPortugal
  • FormatLive


2014 – Colors Of Goa
2015 – Brahamantra
2015 – Kalindian
2017 – O.S.G
2017 – Sword Of Mahishasura
2017 – Celestial Death Of Yama
2017 – Sword Of Mahishasura