K.O.R. is the psychedelic trance project formulated by José Cavaco from Portugal.
José is a devoted music lover since his early teens, he played guitar in several bands covering various musical genres such us rock, metal, nu-metal and post-grunge. During that journey he learned the art of recording music, but his goal was to produce his own original music.

A couple of years later he felt the need to follow a different musical direction, and that the time had come to explore new musical genres and production techniques, that was when he discovered psychedelic trance
K.O.R.`s creative process is focused in the creation of warm, groovy, rounded, tight bass lines, surrounded by fine textured layers of percussive elements, psychedelic leads that mutates over time mixed with melodic atmospheres, which are the highlight`s of is vision about the creative process of making electronic dance music, standing out from other genres and featuring a switch from what is currently done in his country scene.

  • NameJosé Cavaco
  • CountryPortugal
  • FormatLive