KANDEE (Live Act Electro Dub Steppa)

Kandee offers a Dub Stepper cut for Sound Systems and draws its inspiration from the English Iration Steppas, Mahom, Panda Dub, Miniman or Ondubground. Kandee, a young Dub artist from Nantes, France, began playing music at age 13 and produced his first Drum'N'Bass composition at age 17. He then discovers the Sound System culture and slides to Dub production with his Kandee project. Kandee's first album, "Skank Fiction", is available for free download on the Marée Bass label while the second "Maelstrom" was released in January 2016 on the ODG Prod label (read the column)! The latest release "Subcontinent" of Kandee accompanied by saxophonist Jahzz is available since October 2016 on the label Marée Bass (read the chronicle) and several vinyls extracted from this opus should see the day soon!

  • NameClément Audrain
  • CountryFrance
  • FormatLive
  • Emailgeral@kunayalarecords.com